best adjustable dumbbellsThe secrets to best adjustable dumbbells are not in the dumbbells; they are in you and how you use them.

I wish I could tell that if you could buy one of the ten top-rated adjustable dumbbells, your health challenges would go away, and you can get the fit body you want.

You already know that it is not true, and I am not telling you anything new.

Then why would I bring this up, instead of giving you a song and dance story to sell you something.

I think a set of adjustable dumbbells could help you if and this is a big if, if you would buy them for the right reasons.

And that is what I am hoping to accomplish. To help you buy what you may need for the right reasons so that you return to this website when you need something else.

Some of these reasons have to do with the how adjustable dumbbells are built. But important reasons have nothing to do with them.

Relax, sit back, extend your legs, move your head away from the computer, so it sits on top of your shoulder and release some of the tensions in your neck and shoulder.

Every one of the actions I just asked you to perform impact your daily activities, your mood, and your energy level.

With a few exceptions, strong biceps and chest do not help you in your daily activities.  Flexible and strong hamstrings built under a safe and progressive load will.  Quick release and adjustability of dumbbells could help you with that.

Slouching that impacts how the nerve signals travel from our brain to our body and return cannot be corrected with squats and lat rows.

If you plan to use your adjustable dumbbells to do that kind of exercise, you could easily add to lower back pain and shoulder imbalances. The same beneficial feature of adjustable dumbbells that could help you improve your hamstring flexibility and strength now can help you create additional imbalances in your low back and shoulder fast.

Just like any other purchase you plan to make, first clarify your goal and expectations and then see which tool helps you most.

To reach the type of results that makes you happy, you need to choose the tools that help you reach that results.

Adjusbable dumbbells may or may not be that tool.  Below are there questions you can ask to clarify your goal.

  • What physical changes do I need to make?
  • What movements are required to make those changes?
  • What tools are required for those motions?


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